In the 60+ years since the foundation of the company in 1945, we have built a renowned company which operates as a high-performance link between the producers and consumers of high-grade chemicals. Our partners are leading companies worldwide in the fields of chemistry and plastics offering products with high technical standards.


Our thanks go to our employees whose valuable and detailed knowledge, is kept up to date through ongoing intensive training and continuous furhter education.

With the support of the most modern technical equipment, we are constantly doing our best to meet the needs of our partners.

Our team consists of young, highly dedicated employees who originate from our very markets.

The excellent team spirit and engagement of individuals are the basis for rising to every challenge!


  • Constant contact with our customers, offering individually tailored services
  • Specialising in solving technical problems
  • High degree of technical service provided by training employees
  • Flat organizational structure
  • Rapid and flexible desion-making
  • Technical and sales personnel working closely as a team
  • Company’s own Paint & Varnish and Plastics Laboratory
  • Just-in-time deliveries within 24 h, round-the-clock and 7 days a week, within Austria and Germany, and within 48 to 72 h from Salzburg to other locations
  • Flexible stock volumes and stock management
  • High market penetration; we specialise on mid-sized companies, offering them intensive support

As a traditional company, we stand by our word!


Our customers assume competent technical advice. They expect contact personnel who are experts in their field. Therefore, our employees are specialists in your fields, and through relevant training and experience, possess valuable product knowledge. Reliability, creativity and continued education are important to us!


Satisfied customers and suppliers as partners!

Strong customer relations are the foundation of our success. Our delivery program offers high-grade specialties and services in the sectors of Paints & Varnishes, Surface Technology, Plastics, Paper, Effluent Treatment and Chemicals. Our know-how makes us a strong partner for our customers as well as our suppliers. Our core strategy is to solve problems through our technical competence.
This is based on the continued further development of our products.

Our maxim is responsible interaction with people and the environment.